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Advancing Science: Microsoft and Quantinuum Achieve Breakthrough in Quantum Computing


Advancing Science: Microsoft and Quantinuum Achieve Breakthrough in Quantum Computing


In a groundbreaking collaboration, Microsoft and Quantinuum have achieved a significant milestone in the field of quantum computing. By combining Microsoft’s innovative qubit-virtualization system with Quantinuum’s cutting-edge ion-trap hardware, they have demonstrated the most reliable logical qubits on record. This achievement promises to revolutionize scientific research and industry applications, unlocking new possibilities for solving complex problems.

The Quest for Reliable Quantum Computing

Quantum computing holds immense promise for tackling some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, from climate change to drug discovery. However, the inherent fragility of quantum bits (qubits) has been a major hurdle. Physical qubits are susceptible to errors due to environmental noise and other factors, limiting their reliability.

The Breakthrough

Microsoft’s qubit-virtualization system, coupled with error diagnostics and correction, has transformed the landscape. Here are the key highlights:

  1. Logical Qubits: Unlike physical qubits, logical qubits are robust and resilient. By applying the qubit-virtualization system, Microsoft and Quantinuum achieved an error rate 800 times better than physical qubits.

  2. 14,000 Error-Free Experiments: The joint effort involved running over 14,000 individual experiments without encountering a single error. This remarkable feat demonstrates the stability and reliability of the logical qubits.

  3. Quantum Computation Without Destruction: Traditionally, diagnosing and correcting errors in quantum systems required destroying the qubits. However, this breakthrough allows for error diagnostics and corrections without compromising the qubits’ integrity.

Moving Beyond NISQ to Resilient Quantum Computing

The current state of quantum computing is often referred to as Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ). With the successful demonstration of reliable logical qubits, we are now entering Level 2 Resilient quantum computing. This advancement paves the way for more robust quantum algorithms and applications.

The Path Forward

A hybrid supercomputing system powered by 100 reliable logical qubits would significantly impact scientific research. Scaling up to 1,000 reliable logical qubits could unlock commercial advantages. Imagine simulating complex molecular interactions, optimizing supply chains, or revolutionizing drug discovery—all powered by quantum computing.

Azure Quantum Elements Preview

For those eager to explore these capabilities, advanced features based on logical qubits will be available in private preview for Azure Quantum Elements customers in the coming months. Researchers, innovators, and industry leaders can harness the power of quantum computing to accelerate their work.


The collaboration between Microsoft and Quantinuum represents a leap forward in quantum computing reliability. As we continue to refine and expand our understanding of logical qubits, we move closer to a future where quantum solutions drive positive change across various domains. From fundamental scientific research to practical applications, the era of reliable quantum computing is upon us.

Learn more about this achievement in the official Microsoft blog post.

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