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Australian Quantum Computing Companies in Global Race to Commercialize Technology

Australian Quantum Computing Companies in Global Race to Commercialize Technology

Q-CTRL and Diraq, two prominent players in the development of valuable quantum technologies through software and hardware, have announced a collaboration on three substantial projects aimed at expanding the adoption of quantum computing for commercial purposes. This marks the initial phase of an anticipated partnership that will bring cutting-edge quantum computing capabilities to the global market, with a focus on Australia.

Australian Quantum Computing Companies in Global Race to Commercialize Technology

These two Australian quantum technology companies will join forces to deliver three projects, two of which are supported by the Quantum Computing Commercialisation Fund (QCCF) from the NSW Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer, while the third project is backed by the U.S. Army Research Office. The responsibilities for these projects will be divided between Q-CTRL and Diraq: Diraq will be responsible for the development and provision of its Silicon-based quantum computing hardware, while Q-CTRL will focus on building and integrating its quantum infrastructure software solutions to maximize the value for end-users.

Q-CTRL and Diraq's collaboration showcases Australia's leading role in the quantum technology industry worldwide. Diraq's hardware is constructed using a unique technology called spins in silicon, which enables scalability to millions, and potentially billions, of qubits per chip. On the other hand, Q-CTRL is a pioneering company that focuses on developing software solutions to enhance the utility and performance of quantum hardware. The founders and CEOs of Q-CTRL and Diraq, Michael Biercuk and Andrew Dzurak respectively, have a longstanding professional relationship spanning over two decades, starting from their academic pursuits and continuing into the industry.

With the recently announced National Quantum Strategy, the Australian quantum ecosystem is thriving, and the government has taken proactive measures to support the growth of the industry.

The Quantum Computing Commercialisation Fund, an initiative from New South Wales, aims to empower Australian companies in the quantum computing hardware and software sector. The projects supported by this fund are geared towards enhancing the commercial and technological readiness of quantum computing technologies, with a focus on long-term commercial viability. The joint efforts of Diraq and Q-CTRL will pave the way for Australia's first cloud-accessible silicon quantum processor, bringing cutting-edge capabilities to the country's globally renowned financial services sector.

Andrew Dzurak, CEO and Founder of Diraq, highlighted the shared commitment between Diraq and Q-CTRL in driving innovation in the quantum computing industry, both within Australia and on a global scale. He expressed his delight in collaborating with Q-CTRL and leveraging their respective areas of expertise to achieve successful outcomes for these transformative projects.

Australian companies and University teams have long engaged with the US Army Research Office in support of quantum computing capability development. In the current project led by Diraq, the two teams will focus on developing novel techniques to operate and optimize next-generation Silicon quantum processors. The ARO R&D program now aligns with quantum technology initiatives supported under the trilateral AUKUS agreement’s Pillar II. AUKUS Pillar II is aimed at enhancing capabilities and interoperability with a focus on cyber capabilities, AI, quantum technologies and undersea capabilities. In July, Q-CTRL announced a separate deal with the Australian Department of Defence, centering around quantum sensors for navigation; the technological breakthroughs would be shared with AUKUS partners in the US and UK.

“It’s exciting to see Australia’s two leading quantum computing companies collaborating to deliver true sovereign capability in one of the most profound technical fields of the century,” said Q-CTRL CEO and Founder, Michael Biercuk. “We’re thrilled to be helping accelerate the work of our friends at Diraq, and ensuring these powerful new systems deliver value broadly across the Australian and global economies."

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